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Electrical Installations

Ray Aquilina Installations’ electrical services include the supply, installation and commissioning of data and IT wiring, floodlighting systems, paging systems, light fittings and various other electrical works, including preventative maintenance works.
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 malta,  malta,  malta, RAICO malta

Mechanical Installations

RAICO’s mechanical installations involve co-coordinating works with other trades to deliver the highest quality standard in a tight deadline. Installations including plumbing, heating systems, air conditioning, ventilation, telephone systems, generators and a selection of other services required by clients.
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 malta,  malta,  malta, RAICO malta

Extra Low Voltage (ELV)

RAICO can install a variety of systems that operate of extra low voltage, including fire alarms, CCTVs, data networks, intercoms, intelligent building systems, satellites, surge protection systems and more. RAICO’s experienced team will ensure all precautions are taken to ensure a smooth and trouble-free installation and experience for clients.
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